Shave Policy

When a dog is brought to us in a SEVERELY matted condition, it is our policy to shave the whole coat using electric clippers with a close blade. We groom de-matt would cause the dog tremendous stress and discomfort, often leaving a very thinned and damaged coat.

Shaving the coat is quicker and more gentle on the dog. Many dogs are traumatised by unnecessary hours of de-matting, putting them off grooming for life.  We consider shaving an act of kindness.

Once a coat is removed, the skin can be red due to the lack of air circulation and dirt that has accumulated underneath. Occasionally, there are sores, these may need veterinary treatment. Dogs tend to scratch and rub their skin after shaving, this is normal.

Dogs feel different after shaving, lighter, off balance and cooler...most are glad to have freedom and movement again and are full of life. Others seem to take it personally that they are bald, they hide and sulk for days. The skin will feel like suede and depending on the colour of the dog, can be pink.

Regardless of how they look.....your dog will feel 100% better.

Thank you for understanding that we put your dogs welfare first,that we want his/her grooming experience to be positive and non-stressful. We cannot justify hours of torture for the sake of good looks!

Coats grow back surprisingly quick and most of all, your dog will be happier.

As the coat grows back, keep up with your regular home groomming and bring back to us on a regular grooming schedule to keep your dog looking good and prevent matting again.

****The photo on the banner above, is a matted pelt shaved off a Lhasa Apso****