**  FULL GROOMS** (contact for a quote)                                                                         

                                                                                                                                  ** HAND SCISSORING ** (contact for quote)  

Full grooms based on the breed include clipping                                                Hand scissor trims are perfect for teddy cuts on Cockapoo's

and trimming, hydrobath with HOWND shampoo                                                Cavapoo's, Cavachon's, Lhasa Apso's and poodles.

blow dry. final styling, ears cleaned and nails cut.                                               we require more time in this style, please state at the time of booking 

dog cologne matching the shampoo                                                                    if you require this.   

       ** SHAMPOO, BRUSH AND BLOW DRY ** (contact for quote)                                                                        **NAIL CLIPPING**

Perfect for short haired dogs or in between baths                                                         We offer a 'walk-in' nail cutting service, there's no need to book 

for regulars. These include a hydrobath with HOWND                                                  just pop in while we are open and we'll trim your dogs nails in                          

shampoo, warm blow dry, brush through, nails                                                             our reception area while you hold your dog.  The cost is £5                                                        

cut and cologne matching the shampoo.

                                                *********** ACCESSORIES ***********

                              We have a range of shampoo's, brushes and treats.