Salon Rules

General Hygiene:  Please exercise your dog before their visit to the salon. If your dog fouls the pavement or surrounding areas of the salon please clean up after your dog. I have a poo bag dispenser in my reception.

Safety: Please bring your dog on a lead.

Awareness: If your dog is in season you will need to rebook as I am unable to groom her during this time 

Time keeping: please be on time for your appointment and pick up time

Payment: I accept cash and card payment 

Missed appointments: Failure to arrive for your booked appointment will result in a 50% charge of the cost of your groom.

Fleas: Dogs with fleas will not be accepted

               New customers 

  Inspired by the photos of my grooms? in desperate        need of a change or update to your dogs look? 

  Not sure what style would suit your dog?

 Please contact me to book a free 10 minute   complimentary pre groom consultation to discuss your   dogs needs and answer any questions   you may     have.



 Puppies are recommended to grooming as early as possible after their vaccinations (usually 11/12 weeks old)

 I offer a free puppy introduction visit so they can spend a few minutes standing on the grooming table and in   the bath. A general look around is great so when they arrive for their first groom the salon isn't so  scary.

 Kisses and cuddles included! 

            Puppies first groom:

    Warm gentle bath with Hownd Playful pup shampoo

    Gentle blow dry with the hairdryer

    Eye, tummy, bum and feet tidy

    Nail trim.

    All puppies must have a puppy introduction groom before completing a full groom.  

    This gently eases your puppy for their future grooming sessions giving them plenty of confidence.